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Check out some of my work featured at Scratch Paper Party, a collage site run by Artist Ela Boyd. And take a look at Ela's great work as well!

And, in completely pleasantly surprising news, my collage "Stop. That Tickles" has made the daily deviations for today :shocked: Wow, thanks DA!! And thanks to Oyah for the recommendation :)
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I don't know if I'm early or late to the party but I think this is a pretty inspired bit of silliness: selleckwaterfallsandwich.tumbl… . For mustache and collage lovers! Be sure to check out the official themesong :D

Also, I have a tumblr page now, if anyone else has got one of those
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Once again I would like to thank John/Happygnome for including my work in his awesome magazine, Collagista! Issue 4 is now up for your enjoyment here:
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  • Reading: As She Climbed Across The Table by Jonathan Lethem
  • Watching: 30 Rock season 3
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this is so sad…

Is your jewellery still lost in the sand
Out on the coast, or rushed into the brine?
You left your rings on the shoreline
So you wouldnt lose them swimming in the shallows

A plastic shovel, soft sweaty children far from home
On vacation not unlike your very own

And the captain howdy lit upon my shoulder
And he left me with sulphur and rooms full of headaches
I fell in with snakes in the poisoned ranks of strangers
Please send me more yellow birds for the dim interior

Will my pony recognise my voice in hell?
Will he still be blind, or do they go by smell?
Will you promise not to rest me out at sea
But on a fiery river boat thats rickety?

Ill never find my pony along the rolling swell
A muddy river or a lake would do me well
With hints of amber sundowns and moody thunderstorms
A sunken barges horns, with the cold rusty bells…
RIP Mark Linkous, You will be missed!
Oh, how I miss Catherine Wheel! I was feeling nostalgic and stumbled upon this amazing sounding video of the band performing the song "Heal". It's from what I believe was their very last American tour in 2000, which I have very fond memories of. Shivers down the spine...…
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Fellow collage artist happy-gnome was kind enough to include my work in the 3rd issue of his supercool collage zine Collagista! It's a great resource for gallery submission opportunities, articles about collage and the diverse work of artists from all points of the globe.

To read all 3 issues so far click on this

And be sure to check out happy-gnomes great art work as well!
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The art blog "A Journey Round My Skull" has been a huge source of inspiration for me of late. Insane, beautiful, forgotten artworks from all over the world, past and present, enjoy!

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  • Reading: Pluto by Naoki Urasawa
  • Watching: The Prisoner
  • Playing: guitar on occasion
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